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You Can Do It Too!

Smart as Poop invites and challenges you to make vermicomposting your first step towards a lower household carbon footprint. Harness the power of the red wiggler, a simple creature whose potential environmental impact can be part of tomorrow's waste management solution.

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Tree saplings
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If you think that you could not possibly alter your household’s carbon footprint, think again!

Complete Vermicomposting Starter Kit includes everything you need:

1 Worm Factory 360: Easily make valuable organic compost/fertilizer using the power of worms and do your part in saving the landfills. Includes 4 trays and can be expanded to 6.

1 pound Red Wiggler composting worms: most common variety of worms used for vermicomposting (composting with the use of worms), eat half of their body weight in kitchen scraps each day
turn kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost

4 bricks of Coconut Coir

Shredded newsprint

Product image of vermicomposting starter kit