At Smart as Poop, We take "ew" out of vermicomposting!

The addition of red wiggler composting worms to your Garden Tower will help ensure that your vertical garden flourishes. Red wigglers will quickly and efficiently turn your kitchen scraps into nutrient rich compost, upon which your plants will feast and thrive.

Your red wigglers will work harder and more efficiently, if, they are provided with an appropriate environment within which to live, called bedding material. Quality bedding material plays an important role in reproduction rates, moisture and odour control. Coconut Coir, a 100% natural and renewable product is an excellent choice for vermicomposting bedding material.

Keeping your worms active, hydrated and feeding will ensure a productive and satisfying Garden Tower experience. For your convenience, the Garden Tower Worm Kit is available from Smart as Poop!

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Garden Tower Worm Kit

Garden Tower Worm Kit
Garden Tower Worm Kit

- Available year round
- Local pick up AND shipping options available


Convenient Garden Tower Worm Kit includes:

  • 1/2 pound red wiggler composting worms
  • 3 bricks Coconut Coir
  • bedding material "recipe” and detailed instructions

Click here to learn all about the Garden Tower 2!

This kit ships via Canada Post Xpresspost.

WARNING! The shipping costs associated with this kit (due to its bulk and weight) can be steep, depending on your location relative to ours here in Ottawa.

If you feel that the shipping charges that you are quoted are too high, consider purchasing & shipping your 1/2 pound of worms and securing your coconut coir from a local supplier.

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