My Top DOs and DON'Ts

Ten years of trial and error has taught me a lot of things that one should do, and more importantly, what not to do when vermicomposting indoors.

My list of top DOs and DON'Ts :

  1. If your household has a diet that is even reasonably rich in fresh fruits & vegetables, start with a minimum of 1 pound of worms.
  2. When it comes to choosing an indoor vermicomposter, plastic is by far the best choice. Wood is not a suitable or recommended material when composting indoors, particularly cedar or pressure treated wood.
  3. DO NOT overfeed.
  4. ALWAYS bury your fresh food scraps.
  5. Avoid meat and dairy products (when composting indoors).
  6. NEVER introduce food scraps that have attracted fruit flies. The Golden Fruit Fly Rule .. what goes in is most definitely going to come out, and, in greater numbers!