Cartoon worm next to a chalkboard

Feed the Worms ... Grow the Mind.

No matter the age, stage or grade level of students, an inquiry based learning approach is most effective. Allow students to explore and learn in ways that come naturally to them ... through exploration and inquiry. Better yet, create a learning environment that is saturated with "educational white noise" so that they are learning without realizing that they are being taught. If you can add the element of fun, well, that is just icing on the cake!   

Ask not what you can do for your vermicomposter, but what your vermicomposter can do for you!

Girl holding a worm in a garden
Two boys looking towards the woods
Young girl writing at a wooden desk

Vermicomposting is a creative, innovative, fun and educational tool for the classroom. 

Engages students.

Provides immediate reinforcement.

Relatable and relevant to a student's everyday life.

Provides an inexpensive, accessible, living, breathing, growing, ever changing and evolving ecosystem from which students can observe, manipulate and learn.

Supports many aspects of the Ontario Curriculum, learning is not limited to Science and Technology.

Cartoon worms studying math art and science