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Committed to Bringing Science and Innovation to the Classroom since 2016!

Smart as Poop is not only passionate about but also specializes in Indoor Classroom Gardening and Vermicomposting (composting indoors with the use of worms) for the Classroom . Smart as Poop’s tried and true "Train the Teacher" model supports educators by providing the tools they need to succeed as they navigate and learn to use their new classroom tool(s).
Successful, Supported Teachers = Engaged, Motivated Students

Indoor Classroom Gardening

Smart as Poop is committed to working together toward the mutual goal of incorporating an indoor classroom garden into EVERY classroom. We believe that ALL students deserve to benefit from an indoor classroom garden.

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In-Class Vermicomposting Tools

 Custom classroom/school/school board programming tailored to your specific needs to ensure smooth program delivery and success (French & English). Smart as Poop is committed to taking the “ew” out of vermicomposting!

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Classroom Kits Starting as Low as $90!

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Our Roots are Firmly Planted in the Classroom

Doreen founded Smart as Poop in 2016 with a primary focus and goal of Bringing Science and Innovation to the Classroom with a strong focus on experiential learning. 

Doreen has worked extensively with:

• Vermicomposting in the Classroom
• Garden Tower 2 (soil-based vermicomposting vertical garden planter)
• Tower Garden (aeroponic vertical growing tower)
• Developing innovative curriculum linked programming
• Supporting teachers’ and students’ indoor classroom gardening and vermicomposting goals.

Doreen’s background in Health Sciences (believe it or not) lends itself beautifully and naturally to all aspects of her work with Smart as Poop.

Smart as Poop is Giving Back to the Community

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Indoor Classroom Gardening

Doreen voluntarily stepped back from her business’ classroom portfolio to manage, develop and deliver the Ottawa Network for Education’s (ONFE) Classroom Gardens Program from Feb 2019 – June 2021. In this capacity, she oversaw over 100 indoor vertical gardening towers in over 70 Ottawa schools across all 4 of Ottawa’s public-school boards (French and English). 

She quickly became known for:• Her exceptional customer service• Trouble shooting skills• Anticipating teacher’s needs• Ability to support teachers remotely• Developing user friendly step-by-step instructions• Creating innovative programming.

Her dedication and commitment quickly made her the Go-To resource for Ottawa Teachers for all things indoor gardening. ONFE’s Classroom Gardens Program saw unprecedented growth and development during her tenure.  


Doreen (a.k.a. Ottawa’s Worm Lady) is hands down Ottawa’s foremost leader in all things vermicomposting! 

 Doreen has been raising and selling red wiggler composting worms for over 10 years, shipping red wigglers to customers across Canada. 

Her extensive hands-on experience has made her a “worm whisperer” of sorts, able to support and troubleshoot her customers needs from near & far. 

Run into problems, need advice on how, when, and how to start vermicomposting in your classroom or school? Reach out to Doreen, you won’t be disappointed!

Garden Tower 2 Classroom Kits

Compact Countertop Classroom Garden Alternatives

Classroom Kits Starting at $90!

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