Cartoon worm watering a rose
Cartoon worm next to a compost bin

Why compost with worms?

Red Wiggler (Eisenia fetida) worms eat half of their body weight in kitchen scraps daily.

Vermicomposting is easy and odourless.

It can be done year round, regardless of outdoor temperatures.

Cartoon worm riding a bike

Lower your household’s
carbon footprint

Managing 100% your household's organic waste is easier than you think.

Compost year round, indoors and outdoors, with the use of red wiggler composting worms. Watch as your small army of worms tackles your household organic waste, reducing it to nutrient rich fertilizer before your very eyes.

Cartoon worms studying math art and science

Enrich your classroom

Harness the power of the red wiggler, a creature whose potential environmental impact is matched only by its potential to inspire and feed young minds.

Help your students realize why the red wiggler is an environmental super star and that the red wiggler, in the right hands, big or small, can become part of tomorrow's waste management solution.