The Earth Box

Designed to be Used by Anyone!

A maintenance-free, award-winning, high-tech growing system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork and more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden…with less fertilizer, less water and virtually no effort!

Grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit without having a traditional, in-ground garden.

For the Home

Perfect for the home gardener of any skill level in any location! No matter the weather, the Earth Box helps you produce; You can grow just about anything!

Enjoy a bountiful harvest year-round!

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For Your Classroom

Keep it simple with an Earth Box! A tabletop alternative for your indoor classroom garden. Smart as Poop is a HUGE believer in the benefits of experiential based learning AND of the educational potential of an indoor classroom garden.

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Bringing Science and Innovation
into Your Homes & Classrooms

Grow Anywhere!

For Your Home or Classroom

From  balconies, patios, porches, rooftops—even indoors. Designed by commercial farmers, this container growing system is easy to set up and maintain. Just add potting mix, plants, and water following our simple instructions to enjoy homegrown vegetables, fruit, and herbs right at your fingertips.

A Low-Maintenance, Fail-Proof Design

For Your Home or Classroom

The container gardening system was designed by applying a variety of tried-and-true commercial growing concepts to a small footprint to produce better results than traditional in-ground gardens. 


Setting Up Your Earth Box

Planting a Single Row

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